We offer innovative solutions in metal

Our specialists are looking forward to your challenging projects.

Innovative since 1938.

We are an innovative metal construction company based in CH-Strengelbach. We are a family-owned and family managed company. Our experience does not prevent us to change continuously. On the contrary, we focus on innovation and modern technologies. We offer Solutions that go beyond the core competences of a common metal construction company. An example: You are a city and you are looking for your personalized street furniture? No Problem, our team is glad to prepare proposals for you.



We are designing, producing and installing mainly products in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our core competences include single-item production as well as batch production.


We are convinced that sustainably success is based on long-term relationships, in which all stakeholders shall be respected. We are looking for partnerships with builders and suppliers.


The skills and the passion of our team are the basement of our success. Hence, we are continuously looking for young talents.


Our culture


  • Our quality is defined by customer needs 
  • We believe in innovation, modern technologies and change
  • We are seeking long-term relationships to customers and suppliers
  • We support training and education and do not discriminate anyone
  • We protect the environment
  • We are seeking stable growth to ensure the future of all stakeholders