Quality and environment

"Quality is the consistent conformity of customer needs and our products"

At the beginning of each project we do define the required quality together with our customer. Because our understanding of quality is, to match customer expectations. With Christen Metallbau you do not get a Porsche, if you actually just need a common transport vehicle.

Backbones of our quality management are clearly defined processes. The processes are tailored to any specific project.


Further pillars of your quality system include the training and motivation of our employees. Because even in the 21th century, good craftsmanship remains a key issue.


Reduction of waste always means increase in efficiency. With this effort we are able to save costs and protect the environment. Two simple examples: We can optimize logistics when we are working on two construction sides on the same day. Or we resign from unnecessary paper work and focus on few but productive meetings.





Product requirements

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