Unsere unkonventionelle Ascherstele


The ashtray TRIGON fits with its triangle shape to modern Architecture. In semipublic or private environment the stele can be placed without to fix it on the Ground. Therefore, the ashtray also can be used for temporary events. 


The ashtray is made of stainless steel and Aluminium and therefore weather resistant.


Our lead: cigarette Butts are an immens littering problem. They are extremely toxic and do have a negative influence to the Environment. But in Switzerland Smokers mostly do not throw cigarettes to the Floor if there is an ashtray nearby. Hence, choose waste bins with integrated ashtrays and in genereal do offer sufficient possibilities to proberly dispose the cigarettes. 


- Stele

- Wandascher

swiss madeAlledo - Swiss Made

- Neuheit 2019

- 100% Swiss Made


W. Christen AG
Lionel Eaton, dipl. Designer FH


David Christen
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