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DUOS is a modern bench made in Stainless steel and extruded aluminium or wood. Depending on the Colour it Looks classical elegant or trendy. Because of its material DUOS resits to weather and vandalism.


Optionally, the beck rest can can be used for longer Advertising campains or touristic Information and promotions. DUOS can pay out - in the full sense of the word.


DUOS is also available without backrest.




- Powdercoating

- Seating Surface in aluminium or wood 

- Double-sided

- Advertising (fully printed backrest)




swiss madeAlledo - Swiss Made

- Neuheit 2018

- Wartungsfrei (Variante Alu)

- 100% Swissmade


David Christen
Telefon: +41 62 745 50 82

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